frequently asked questions

I'm interested. How can I start working with you?
It's simple! Contact us via Telegram @holyunicorn or by mail We will discuss all the details and get back to you in 1-3 working days with a plan and offer.
What guarantees you provide?
We offer an official contract for any types of activities that are expected within the framework of our cooperation. We are also open to make transactions through UpWork and to any other reasonable options.
Which countries you work with?
We work with different countries as well as with citizens of any countries. Let's just discuss your case.

I have an extremely complicated case, can we cooperate?
We are minimally inclined to bureaucracy and always try to meet our client halfway. If for some reason the standard cooperation options do not suit you, let's discuss the situation and try to come up with something else :)
I don't even understand where to start my app's promotion. Traffic, ASO optimization, PR. Will you help me?
Sure! We will investigate your product and commercial goals and offer you a suitable promotion plan.
Can you help with advertising of the website, telegram bot or any other digital project?
We have a great experience of working with various digital products, including huge portals and telegram bots. We review each offer individually and will be able to help.
The app is not allowed in popular advertising networks. Do you have any options in this case?
Yes, we have experience working with "grey" projects. We can provide you with sources of high-quality traffic with more loyal moderation.
Do I need to register my own business accounts on Facebook, TikTok and other networks?
We stand for transparency and recommend our clients to have their own advertising accounts. If this is difficult for you, we are ready to help with setting up Facebook, Snapchat, etc. account or to launch ads in our advertising accounts.
We want to make or promote a dating site, dating app, dating bot. We heard that you have ace-high experience in this field?
Yes, we have been successfully working with dating projects for more than 10 years. We can discuss your project and arrange a consultation or agree on promotion.
Turnkey mobile application development - what does it mean and what is the price of such a project?
We do not work as application development agencies. Our task is not just to develop an app, but to guarantee a quick verification of the business idea and ensure the success of the product on the market. Therefore, we are responsible for everything from the first prototype and naming to the release of an MVP fully ready for further promotion, which we can also take over. The cost of developing an app varies depending on the complexity of the product, but in any case it will be significantly lower in aggregate than the services of various agencies and disparate freelancers. Send us a request and we will discuss your point of view and wishes.
Can you make a mobile app design?
We prefer to do complex work on the product, so the creation of a mobile app UI is usually included in the development of a turnkey app. However, we conduct UI/UX reviews, redesign product funnels and remake screenshots for the AppStore and Google Play Store. All will be 100% useful for improving the performance of the app.
What is included in the service "monetization of mobile applications"?
There are various ways to monetise apps. We are well aware of all the methods and opportunities to boost revenue. Depending on the tasks we can offer:
- a marketing check-up of the app
- a redesign of monetization (optimization of the subscription and purchase scheme)
- an increase in the conversion of the product funnel
- development of new functionality
- mapping of analytics events to identify app's problems
- A/B testing
- redesign of paywalls ASO optimization
- targeted ads in various mobile networks